Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Panday will be easily forgotten

 Mr Panday—and I use the term “Mister” loosely, when asked to make a comment on ANR Robinson’s demise, said, among other things, “I was instrumental in him becoming both Prime Minister and President.”

He went on to say he “could not think of anything that could be done to pay homage to Robinson and there was no reason to attend his funeral”.

Mr Panday went on to comment he does not have a spiteful bone in his body.

Well, one thing for sure—he does not have a “gracious” bone in his body either.

Every time Panday opens his mouth, he proves what a spiteful person he is, and his passing would sure not be as great a loss as Mr Robinson’s and he will be forgotten with much haste.

Gordon Dalla Costa

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