Sunday, February 25, 2018

Parental bullying?

 Recently there has been an emergence of “social shaming” as a disciplinary measure to correct our children. With the advent of social media, computers, smartphones/tablets, parents have now found themselves being challenged on how to parent and patrol their children. 

The old school way of parenting involved serious cut-tails and even public shaming. However, this is now being labelled as a form of abuse. There is a fine line between abuse and discipline as our environment is now being congested by global traffic driven by the Internet. Contentious views, opinions and various schools of thought on disciplinary measures are prevalent and gaining relevance.  

Parents have now opted to publicly chastise and “discipline” their children on social media as a way of instilling some sense of right and wrong into them. However is this right?  Don’t children have rights and if so, do we as parents violate their rights by publicly shaming them?  Further, is this social shaming also a form of parental bullying? Do we, as parents seek to bully our children into our way of thinking and if so, are we any better than what we are seeking to protect our children from. 

The solution lies in educating ourselves first and then our children. In order to instil a good value system, we must arm ourselves with parenting ammunition to annihilate the dangers of this world. We are now at the cross roads where we need to re-align our way of thinking in order to overcome the deeper seated issues of the technological divide to forge a modern day way of parenting in this new age. 

T Stuart

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