Thursday, January 18, 2018

Park, ride and frustrate

My wife and I were totally disgusted by the treatment meted out to us by the "Park and Ride" system in San Fernando. It started off well but ended in total disappointment and vexation.

On Wednesday we parked at NAPA (South) and boarded the bus to High Street. This was a very nice experience.

At 4 p.m., after an exciting day of shopping, we headed down to the PTSC terminal, close to the wharf, to take the bus back to NAPA. We were told to do this by the driver whose bus we initially boarded. He also informed us that there would be officials dressed in white to assist if we needed information.

Unfortunately at the terminal many people including PTSC officials were oblivious of the "Park and Ride" arrangement. We finally came across a PTSC CSR dressed in red who told us the bus was on its way and was probably delayed in traffic. We waited another 30 minutes and the CSR again told us the bus was coming. It wasn't until close to 6 p.m. that she came and informed us that the bus was no longer coming. She then offered to place us on a bus that would take us back to High Street where we could then get the bus to take us back to NAPA. I refused her offer. I called a relative who came for us.

It was already dark when we got to NAPA. My car was the only one in the car park and there were no guards nearby.

Despite all of this frustration, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the other commuters and bus drivers at the terminal who offered advice on our dilemma.

Sheldon Bidaisee

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