Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Park anywhere, then buy from us

A small, insignificant person who breaks the law is called a criminal. If that same small, insignificant person wants his friends, associates and others to break the law, he might be called a gang leader.

When a person perceived as being "big" and important and prominent wants to support law-breaking (illegal parking in downtown Port of Spain) he gets a meeting with the Minister of National Security, the Commissioner of Police and gets the assurance that his concerns will be taken to Cabinet.

DOMA has been crying about the wrecking of illegally parked cars for a long time, not because the store owners are concerned about their customers but only because the wrecking adversely affects the flow of customers' money to them.

Heaven help a shopper who suddenly needs an ambulance, since with all the illegal parking, that ambulance would find it near-impossible to pass through the resulting jam. I shudder at the thought of a fire in downtown Port of Spain during normal business hours.

What has DOMA ever really done for customer comfort? Have they pooled their resources to provide customers with a secure, free-of-charge parking lot? No. Do they have easily accessible public toilets in their business places? No. But they want the right to encourage their customers to engage in selective law-breaking.

As usual in T&T, I guess the big people will get their way. This brings me around to asking, "who, really, is a 'law-abiding citizen'?"

J Seaton

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