Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Partnership betraying trust of its followers

Through thick and thin and through several missteps in office I have stood firmly behind the Partnership Government, giving it the benefit of doubt whenever it was accused of "questionable" practices. However, there is now clear, demonstrable evidence of the Partnership's betrayal of the sacred trust which the population reposed in it.

I refer to the Partnership's strong, unequivocal and legitimate condemnation of the former administration's use of state resources for political campaigning in the lead-up to local and general elections. Remember how much and how vociferously parties opposed to the PNM condemned the former administration for using taxpayers' funds, via advertising from ministries and State agencies, as part of its election campaigns?

How disturbing it is, therefore, to see the government using for the THA election the exact practice they soundly condemned and which some even labelled as illegal.

I was blown away to see a full-page, full colour advertisement in the daily newspaper announcing the delivery of land titles to a handful of Tobago's citizens—no doubt a shameless attempt to use this sensitive issue to gain political mileage. How is this different from the PNM and how is this not a betrayal of the Partnership's promise to do better?

What is particularly revealing is that neither the PM nor the leader of the COP has explained what firm arrangements have been put in place for all affected persons in Tobago to receive their land titles in quick time. Clearly they rushed the process to facilitate the delivery of a mere nine certificates of title so they could boast on the election platform of having delivered where the PNM could not deliver.

Wazir Ali