Monday, February 19, 2018

Partnership must look inward


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For decades the PNM has been the only party contesting all the seats in the parliamentary, local government and THA elections. For decades the PNM has been unsuccessful in certain constituencies in Trinidad, Tobago and the THA elections.

For decades now the constituencies with predominantly Indo-Trinidadian populations have overwhelmingly voted for the UNC since its emergence. In spite of this, the PNM continues to offer a national slate in every election.

Having lost these predominantly Indo-Trinidadian constituencies year after year, election after election, the PNM continues to offer itself in these areas. Not once has it been said that the PNM has been unsuccessful in "Indo-Trinidadian" constituencies because of a difference of race or ethnicity.

The comments by UNC ministers once again display a lack of respect for the intelligence of the population and the People's Partnership's unwillingness to look inward to discover the root of the population's dissatisfaction.

The stage of blaming something else or someone else after nearly three years in office is long gone. Time to look inward.

Keegan Denny

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