Friday, February 23, 2018

Party legacies

I have realised a certain trend that seems to indicate a downward spiral in our nation's politics. Politicians seem to believe they are intellectually superior to the citizenry of our twin-island republic.

Look at the People's Partnership, for instance. The Prime Minister may have the best of intentions, but her executions are impotent, myopic and appear ill-informed. The rest of the party's members operate with a certain level of arrogance, and frequently compromise the integrity of the party by their words or actions.

The People's National Movement today and in the past has always operated in a like manner and is an embarrassment, being the oldest political party in the country. Clearly, politics is totally devoid of evolution.

I urge citizens to observe all political parties, even your own, and try to imagine looking at what is going on today ten or 20 years from today and ask yourself: will you be proud of your affiliation? Is this the legacy I want to leave for my children and grandchildren?

Barry Fletcher

St James