Sunday, January 21, 2018

Passionate RCs

Sharyl-Ann Bujan (“Not only Catholics celebrate Easter”, Express, April 23) commented on what she considers to be unfair media Easter coverage given to the RC Church “at the expense” of other denominations.

Maybe it’s because the RC church is the only church who “pulls no punches” when it comes to celebrating the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord. From Palm Sunday Catholics hit the streets with a passion, in commemoration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. I have never seen any other denomination showing this outward display of reverence.

Of the five or so Christian churches which the writer identified as having Easter services, Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC church was the only one getting media coverage. I would like to ask if any of those churches were on the road trekking up San Fernando Hill at 5 a.m. on Good Friday, and returning to their church at 3 p.m. to continue the second phase of what Catholics call the Easter Triduum, climaxing Gloria Saturday night into Easter Sunday. This Sunday, the second Sunday of Easter, expect to see more RC coverage, as this is the only denomination that will be celebrating this feast.

Apart from Corpus Christi on June 19 when we will once again be “ready for the road”, expect to see more RC media coverage on June 29 when the feast of Sts Peter and Paul will be celebrated with the blessing of (fishing) boats all over T&T.

If anyone knows of any other denomination celebrating these religious feasts, speak up now, or forever hold your peace.

Gregory Cockburn

via e-mail