Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pathway to progress

Constitutional reform has been on the back burner for every prime minister who Trinidad and Tobago has ever had since our Independence in 1962. Itís heart-warming to see at least one

Government has taken the bold step to move this forward.

A few persons have accused the three Independent senators who have supported the bill to be sell-outs, but if you took the time to listen to their contributions, they all agreed further consultation should have been done to educate the population and exchange ideas.

They decided to support the bill despite this because they saw this as a step in the right direction.

Iím willing to support any political party that creates a pathway that allows for progress and development of our nation.

Those that didnít support the bill kept saying it is undemocratic, yet not one person has presented a more persuasive argument to support this.

As with other bills passed in our Parliament, once the intention is good, it can be tested and the results observed and changes can be made. If all bills prior to this were perfect, then we would not have to revisit them and make amendments.

Sita Maharajh

via e-mail