Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pay the fees: keep the dogs

 I am absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of the canine-owning population of this country! Why on God’s green earth would you release a potentially dangerous animal capable of subduing or even killing an adult onto the streets?

No one places him/herself in the situation of having to stare death in the face and notice he is a dog. Imagine walking down the street in a busy part of town with my one-year-old son in my arms to be confronted by an angry, confused, hungry pitbull or Rottweiler snarling and baring its teeth. Your first instinct would be to run, but where and how do I run? My child is with me and he can barely walk, much less run. The next best option is to face a vicious dog which has already marked where I am standing as his territory.

People, please think before you let your dogs loose in public. For years these dogs have been your protectors, friends and companions; what changed?

You pay health insurance, life and home owner’s insurance. You even pay car insurance. Why is it so hard to pay a couple hundred dollars for a fiercely loyal protector who would give his life for you and listens only to you? Do try to be responsible dog owners. I really do not wish for me or anyone else to be a media headline: “Woman mauled by abandoned dog.”

Ria Guiellmo

via e-mail