Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Paying a heavy price

For a very long time lawlessness has reigned in Trinbago and as a result we are all suffering. As the saying is ‘fish rots from the head’ and this is the prime reason for the lawlessness.

I will give a few reasons for my theory. Some years ago a T&TEC linesman was laid off because he was intoxicated on the job. The union demanded that he be reinstated instead of reprimanding the person. Workers don’t perform their duties and their bosses are impotent to do anything because of the unions. Another recent example: this Carnival, the National Carnival Commission, the duly empowered body to run the festival, and the bandleaders association changed certain things in order to help the flow of bands. Some bandleaders objected, even the Port of Spain mayor objected to where the children should start and approach the savannah stage, so one children’s bandleader had her band go along with the mayor. What an example to the children!

Parents are doing as they like in front of their children so what do we expect? Lawlessness. Our Honourable MPs behave like “wajanks” in and out of Parliament so what do we expect? Lawlessness. As the saying goes if priest could play mas who is we.

Clermont Andrews

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