Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pepper spray too hot to handle

I must express my concern over the suggested sale of pepper spray and tasers in order for adults to protect themselves and their children during the Carnival weekend.

I think it is a great idea only if, before a buyer gets the item, he is made to swear that he is using it honestly for protection. Of course it would not be possible to do that!

You see, I am afraid that petty criminals, especially the teenagers so inclined, would use these things as weapons, to temporarily make you immobile while they steal your money, your cellphones, or the keys to your car. After all, pepper spray would be much cheaper than renting or buying a gun.

I am told that in other countries this measure has met with great success, but although I may be labelled as negative, I can only see this resulting in a rise in crime in Trinidad and Tobago.

E Smith

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