Friday, December 15, 2017

Please clean up calypso mess


‘average performance’: Cro Cro

Mark Fraser

 Like The Mighty Chalkdust, “I in tong” long enough to know when The Regal Calypso Tent opened on Boxing Night, when there were two shows per night, when mounted police controlled the crowds at the Original Young Brigade Calypso Tent, when The Mighty Shadow dressed in black with a floppy hat covering his face had the stage lights turned off before he performed.

I say this to remind TUCO of last year’s calypso final which was absolutely the worst ever. One reason being no one had any idea what the second song would have been. Then when this year’s finalists were announced I could hardly contain myself so, “ah put on meh guns again”. Someone reminded me that nonsense will continue when those who have calypso at heart do nothing.

The blame for this sordid affair rests entirely on TUCO’s shoulders. Not the judging system nor the judges since it was this organisation that abandoned a system that worked quite well for years, and selected judges of varying quality.

To show how the system does not work, let’s take a look at Cro Cro’s performance. He came on stage with absolutely no “presentation”, stumbled through his three verses and still made it to the finals. The point being made is that he received or should have received no points for that category.

His rendition was well below par and the music was just about average. How could he advance ahead of many others who were way better than him? This is not about Cro Cro, but about the judges. As it is said, “by their works they shall be known”.

Come on TUCO officers, step aside and allow those who have calypso at heart to clear up the mess you continue to make before calypso moves from its last days “in the hospital” to the graveyard.

There were two good things down at Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park. One was the judges’ stand which brought them closer to the stage. This is a move for which we judges of the 1980s were clamouring.

The second was to see calypsonian Magic, who became Magic I in the 1980s, back to sing his calypso “Obey the Highway Code” which was regularly featured on many Government radio programmes. If I heard correctly, he updated the lyrics to include “no texting when you are driving”.

Teddy Pinheiro

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