Saturday, December 16, 2017

Please save our library in Chaguanas

 It is with a sense of déjà vu that I reluctantly pen this letter. However, as a retired librarian who has lived the valued and influential impact of libraries on our young population, in particular, I was moved to add my voice to the public despair being expressed in an executive decision to once more replace an almost comple­ted, purpose-built information facility to a penal institution, in the case of Chaguanas. 

Statistics show children and youth are the majority patrons of the public library, a place where reading habits are nurtured, wholesome activities are promoted and facilities are made available to level the digital divide among the population.

Come on policymakers—do you really feel satisfied with a legacy of retrofitting almost-completed, purpose-built library buildings in the interest of expediency?

I believe we can do much better than that in a country that takes pride in developed-nation status and the soon-to-be elevation of Chaguanas to a city where planning should be a primary feature and not an effect of crisis management.

I appeal to you, even at this stage, to please listen and reconsider your decision on the Chaguanas Library where the citizens have patiently awaited this facility for over 25 years while good use was made of rental and cramped accommodation. Libraries can quietly make a positive lifestyle difference.

Cheryl Medford

St Augustine