Monday, December 18, 2017

Police must go beyond 'sporadic' roadblocks

How many times have we heard the same old story "no one was arrested but investigations are ongoing"?

This was the story over the weekend when police intercepted a vehicle in Cap-de-Ville and discovered a quantity of arms and ammunition and the officers promised to "hold sporadic roadblocks" while Acting Commissioner of Police (South) Glenda Smith said "the guns and arms find was all part of the crime strategy". But what strategy was ACP Smith referring to sporadic roadblocks and the fact that we had yet another find without any arrest and/or prosecution? This will not make this country safer.

By the way, what is the police doing with all the illegal firearms and ammunition found and/or confiscated? Are they tested in an attempt to link them to previous crimes, are they destroyed in the special kiln that was provided recently by a UN agency or are they somehow going back into the wrong hands?

Why can't we do more intercepting? This is a small country with several major points of ingress off the seas which gun- and drug-runners must use. Instead of sporadic roadblocks why not regular checks at strategic points to have the criminals in second guessing mode rather than relaxed mode because they know checks are going to be more frequent.

Ricardo Lijertwood

via e-mail