Sunday, February 25, 2018

Poor planning in new Diego Martin highway

The new Diego Martin Highway Expansion Project (DMHEP), schedule to come into effect fully in August, is already causing major headaches for residents of Powder Magazine 2, Union Road and to a lesser extent, Petit Valley.

It appears that while all residents living on the left of the highway, Diamond Vale and River Estate are happy, these people who live on the right of the highway were not taken into consideration when the plans were set.

With the cutting off of the Acton Court loop, these residents have to drive further away from their homes to Crystal Stream, and line up in one lane to get the turn around, or go even further away from their abode down to KFC to be able to get across to the other side of the highway, then to make their way back to their homes.

Why wasn’t an overpass planned and placed at Four Roads for these residents to easier access their homes is anyone’s guess.

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure may be well advised to revisit its plan of action and immediately make provisions for an overpass at Four Roads leading into Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley, as well as a walkover in that area, as it will serve better, much more pedestrians, and reduce to accidents waiting to happen.

Joan Rampersad

Petit Valley