Friday, February 23, 2018

Power on, off in Petit Valley

T&TEC, like every other service in T&T, has no consideration. They shut off the power at any time, leaving you without telephone (Flow) and water as all these things are now linked since we depend on tanks and pumps to supply our homes with water as WASA has failed. We cannot install our own power supply or maybe we should now take out a mortgage to buy a generator.

In Petit Valley power can go at any time. At 3 a.m. one morning it was off again and on November 23 nearly the whole day. There are many schools in the area and these outages affect our children's education along with parents who are trying to get to work. They have no water to shower. These outages are occurring frequently. Who is going to pay for my electrical and electronic appliances when they are damaged? T&TEC? Ha ha!

T&TEC is now trying to install new poles etc which should have been done over the past 50 years. There is a tremendous increase in housing and shopping centres along with those extremely large buildings that the PNM erected that now stand empty.

Did they increase the electrical capacity to handle the steady increase in the population? No. Like the roads and highways it was left as is until we now have to face gridlock every day.

Then I have to listen to the politicians talking "tata". The sad part is that my fellow Trinis simply say "wha we go, dis is Trinidad". they do not protest and stand up and insist on proper services that they are paying for.

Maureen Berkeley

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