Friday, December 15, 2017

Power problem

The Tobago House of Assembly Act was caught like a deer between the headlights as regards how to deal with a situation where one party has secured all the seats in a THA election.

The Chief Secretary is confused about the whole fiasco. He has written to the President for him to appoint two Independent councillors.

One wonders if the President is guided by the THA Act. If the Act is silent on such appointments, then the Act must be amended by an Act of Parliament, as soon as possible.

Another reason why the THA Act must be recalled is if each party wins an equal amount of seats, let us say six, and there is a tie, the electorate must go back to the polls to break the deadlock. This could be avoided if the seats in the THA are increased by one to 13, an odd number. The framers of laws must examine all permutations to avoid future gaffes.

As it stands now even the political leader of the PNM, Keith Rowley, sees the danger of one party running the THA.There is an old saying: when you do as you want, eventually you would regret what you do. Even Mr London seems to acknowledge the predicament the THA has found itself in.

John Jessamy