Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Prakash, refocus your energies

One would think that Prakash Ramadhar, of all people, would understand what the overall vision is within the People's Partnership. In times gone by, his allegiance to the Prime Minister was immovable, so what has changed now?

He is angry because the Mayor of San Fernando, Marlene Coudray, left his party, joined the United National Congress (UNC) and was elected by more than 7,000 UNC members to be a deputy leader of their party.

In all fairness, one would think that a win for the Government is a win for the coalition, but Mr Ramadhar's behaviour has now raised eyebrows by his stance. He has decided to walk away from the Partnership if his demands are not met.

Now for the Prime Minister who has made it her mantra to support all of her ministers, this comes as a cruel and disappointing blow—not only to the UNC, but to the Government.

Ramadhar, wake up and smell the coffee. Retreat from the misdirection of the ultimatum handed to the UNC and focus your energies, instead, on the internal shortcomings within your party and find probable solutions to make things better.

Marcy Redd

via e-mail