Monday, February 19, 2018

Preparation key for Windies players

 In attempting to explain Australia’s recent rise to the top in the International Cricket Council rankings, its captain, Michael Clarke, said: “There has been an enormous amount of hard work and effort on and off the field that has led to this result.”

May I respectfully suggest to the West Indies Cricket Board that for the West Indies, the work to be done off the field may be the more important going forward.

I understand the difficulties in preparing a team of players from several countries with resources that are comparatively limited.

The board must recall what transpired on the recent tours of India, especially, and New Zealand. In what I described as the “Tendulkar Tests” I noted what clearly seemed to be lack of preparation and the consequences attendant on it.

There are good cricketers in the West Indies. International encounters, however, require intensive preparation. With the team members scattered around as I mentioned earlier, I suggest written memos may supplement the other forms of preparation to help the players do the unsupervised portion of their preparation. 

Every player must know what is required of him throughout the games, especially in the Test matches, and how to achieve victories against specific sides. The key is careful preparation, starting with selections. There is almost no time left before the New Zealanders arrive.

Romain Pitt