Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Prepare for change in trade landscape

 Last week, we had the prime minister of Japan visiting our shores.

We also signed an energy memorandum of understanding with Haiti. In the recent past, we had the president of China and the vice-president of the United States also paying official visits. When a small, developing country in the Caribbean is courting the leaders of some of the world’s leading economies, what does this imply? 

Is this the result of a well-orches­trated marketing effort, selling our country as a premier investment destination? Additionally, is this the confirmation of the changing geopolitical landscape where South-South trade will be assuming increasing importance in the next decade? 

Trinidad and Tobago is ideally positioned to become the gateway country for this South-South trade expansion as we possess all the attractive qualities required for an investment destination. We are blessed with a stable political climate, a strong and vibrant energy-based economy, an educated population and well-developed infrastructure. 

Also, our location makes us the ideal link between the North and the South. We should build on this interest being showed in our country to push more international trade and investment opportunities. 

Additionally, more attention should be made to teaching and learning the Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese languages, in anticipation of the changing trade landscape. 

Ricardo Jimenez

Diego Martin