Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pricey principles

 I went to the Licensing Department in Port of Spain four times to have my diesel pick-up inspected. Mind you, it’s a TCW, so it’s pretty new. I wasn’t successful on any of those four occasions for reasons varying from the cashier not being there to staff shortage.

I was offered the “service”, where I pay $800 and would have the sticker delivered to me at my home. I refused because I don’t want to encourage this type of system that seems to prevail in every single Government department. To have my vehicle inspected, it would cost $300, so there is someone who is making $500 for this “service”.

I might well get a ticket for not having my inspection sticker, but this is the price I will pay for sticking to my principles.

I have a suggestion for the Transport Minister, though. Why not let the inspection stations handle light “T” diesel vehicles? It would surely cut out part of this illegal trade perpetrated by unscrupulous people, whether Government worker or private entrepreneur.

Or maybe they don’t want this cut off.

Brandon Dawson