Sunday, February 18, 2018

Promotion process within TTPS flawed

In many ways, I am a child of the Police Service. Since primary school I remember having to wait for daddy in the police station until he came off duty. His colleagues all treated me as if I were their daughter and many times I would play with the children of other police officers who shared a similar fate.

Since birth I have had to share my father and his love with his job. The nights I fell asleep awaiting his return in prayer are too many to mention. He has been dedicated and loyal. We live within our means in a modest house and my father has had to endure the ridicule and gossip of some of his more prosperous colleagues, whose sudden and unexplained wealth bore no relationship to their salary.

I shall never forget this Christmas as I have never seen my father cry until then. His spirit has been broken and his hopes smashed into pieces because he was not promoted to the rank of Inspector. 

His disappointment is not with the fact of his non-promotion but rather the promotion of other officers whose record of service, reputation and dedication pales into insignificance when compared to that of my father's.

My father has been acting as an Inspector for many years with many staff reports and I cannot understand how his juniors can leapfrog over him. Something is seriously wrong with the procedure for promotion in the Police Service. It is clearly not allowing the cream to rise to the top.

The magnitude of this disaster is such that, once promoted, the officers benefit until retirement and even thereafter with an enhanced pension. The Police Service can never enjoy public confidence if it does not inspire confidence from within its own ranks.

Sarah Samaroo

San Juan