Friday, February 23, 2018

Public menace at Sando food establishment

 This is an open letter to the mayor of San Fernando and the Public Health Department at City Hall, San Fernando. 

I visited a popular restaurant located on the compound of Gulf City mall today (June 12th)  and I was appalled to see a roach crawling around on the wall next to the cash register. I promptly indicated this to the cashier who was unfazed at my distress. She looked at me with a blank face as I was literally freaking out at the sight of the roach. Mind you, the roach was crawling in close vicinity to a soft serve ice-cream dispenser and a glass case containing fried chicken. There were no customers or diners just yet and I regrettably did not pursue this matter with the manager. In the two minutes it took for the cashier to get my order I observed another roach, this time crawling on the floor close to my feet. It should be noted that these roaches were not small and were crawling freely in an establishment that prepares and serves food to the general public. I am disgusted that this establishment is still in operation.

There was an initiative by the previous mayor of San Fernando last August where there was a crackdown on breaches of hygiene and cleanliness in eating establishments. This initiative resulted in a number of establishments being ordered closed until they were found to be up to standard. 

However, it seems that these eating establishments have gone back to the same laissez faire attitude with respect to cleanliness, hygiene and good food preparation. I am therefore calling on the current mayor of San Fernando and the Department of Public Health to have another crackdown on eating establishments especially in Gulf City Mall. Two roaches in two minutes are too much. 

I look forward to the response of the mayor and to see the actions of the Public Health Department in addressing my concerns. 

C Alexander