Thursday, December 14, 2017

Punishment on the Priority

My family and I were driving out of Port of Spain when we found ourselves in standstill traffic approaching the main road.

We observed that police were diverting vehicles onto the Priority Bus Route and so we followed along. We asked an officer if it was safe to be on the Priority at this time and he said yes.

We continued on the Priority until we came to the Eddie Hart grounds where officers (not Transit Police) pulled aside at least 50 vehicles. We explained to officers that we were given permission in Port of Spain to be on the Priority, it was already late because of the traffic back-up and we were just trying to get home.

The police said we should have known to get off the Priority after we came out of Port of Spain. We explained that we weren't told this; if we had been told there would not have been all these vehicles on the PBR. Dozens of motorists were given $2,000 tickets. How can this be right?

Is this what our country has reached to? That during a crisis in which scores of citizens were obstructed from reaching home, that the Government found it fit to take advantage of the situation, and make a fast dollar off citizens who were just trying to get their families home and away from this chaos? I am truly appalled by this and again one less point for this Government on the way you have handled this situation.

Now when Christmas already seems gloomy citizens have to find $2,000 to pay for a traffic ticket.

Melissa Christopher