Monday, December 18, 2017

Push back against evil vibes

I recently visited members of my family in Trinidad and what I witnessed during the three weeks made me both happy, and sad to the point of depression.

What is happening to Trinidad and Tobago? It's as if the devil is running amok in the nation. Thank God for family and good friends who are doing their best to be positive... but for them my time would have been utterly wasted.

I will start with some of the good things I saw or read about:

ALTA, celebrating 20 years of bringing literacy and self-esteem to so many people in the nation; a publication honouring senior citizens; I watched a DVD...the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Philharmonic Orchestra playing beautiful music and showing the results of the discipline they have built up in the process of reaching that pointódiscipline which will stand them in good stead in all areas of their lives.

I went to the Licensing office in Port of Spain with my sister and everyone who came in greeted those who were already there (there was only one exception) but that did not take away my joy, as I put that down to some personal worry. A visit to La Vega where the lady who served us was so courteous and helpful, giving us time to decide what we wanted to purchase and offering advice on after care.

Now put that against the utter madness I read about in the newspapers (too much to mention) and witnessed on the roads and in the news on TV... members of the public marching for their rights while trampling on the rights of others.

It is not a bad thing to protest against perceived wrongs, but what does lighting a bonfire in the road and posing imminent danger to property have to do with such claims? How does an overturned car fit into the picture?

I will only mention here the people in positions of responsibility who seem incapable of doing what they were elected to do and doing and underwriting those things they should not even be thinking about! Where is the action that should stop the runaway horses? What deadly spirit of evil would cause persons to vandalise a place of worship?

As people demand their rights, let us all remember a right which is denied people in different parts of the world... the right to pray. Yes pray, to the God we invited to bless our nation during the Independence celebrations. Is "God bless our nation'' only for decoration? Some banners were still up during my visit. The nation needs to pray for guidance and good counsel, for a spirit of tolerance and forgiveness, so that we can exercise common sense in our homes, on the roads and at work. The bad drivers will not disappear overnight, but instead of a cuss word, whisper a prayer for the miscreants... and please, don't walk out of the party just because you don't agree with the guest list.

Yes, good things are happening in the twin- island state but there is an impression that the bad vibes are taking over. We can do much better than that.

Pat Ryan