Saturday, January 20, 2018

Put blame where it belongs

 There is the well-known statement that “prevention is better than cure” and this surely applies to traffic offences. We all agree there are some offences which are more difficult to prevent than others, and there are some we need to have enough resources to prevent.

Speeding and dangerous driving fall within the latter category. I feel these two offences rank a low priority in this country. Only when a family is killed in an accident do we sit up and take notice and blame it on the fact that the barriers in the median are too low.

Yes, motorist, you can go ahead and have accidents, but please don’t injure people in the opposite lane and we’ll help you to do this by putting up higher barriers.

It’s like we don’t want to put the blame where it belongs—irresponsibility, recklessness and lawlessness.

If people know the police are on the lookout for those who break the law, they will sit up and take notice. Then there will be less carnage on the roads.

Anthony Webster

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