Friday, January 19, 2018

Put electrical inspection in private hands

It is high time the Electrical Inspectorate is privatised. This would ease the high cost of doing electrical work.

Not only the public but the State would save millions of dollars in terms of wages, rental of office space, telephone bills, etc.

Daily as a contractor, one has to waste time in traffic to visit the inspectorate and on getting there, one finds a cramped office, no parking, no seating, no toilet facilities and inadequate staffing. Who has to pay for this? Only the consumer.

A lot of work was done by the past administration in privatising this department, similar to what was done with motor vehicle inspection facilities, but the project stalled. Those in authority should take into consideration the fact that they may eventually, when they are out of office, need an electrical inspection.

We must privatise now for faster, more economical service. Privatisation would open the way for more people to rewire their homes. At present, trying to get an additional meter or an upgrade generates much stress for the average citizen.

We have private doctors, private motor vehicle inspectors, T&TEC employs private contractors. Electrical inspection is not rocket science.

I hope the authorities look into this issue to save poor people increased costs.

A Ali