Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Put same security for citizens too

ON my way home on Monday night I was in for a surprise. I never knew that Trinidad had so many police officers. The visiting US vice-president brought them out. At every intersection on the highway there were fully loaded police vehicles, flashing lights and all. It was a good sight to behold, so why isn’t this form of security used on a daily basis?

 I felt a sense of safety with the security arrangement. Now kudos to that but where were the police yesterday at high noon in downtown Port of Spain when a jewelry store was being robbed? 

Gold scattering on the pavement, guard shot...  mayhem in the city. Where were they? 

They hiding in all kinds of creases to run down taxi drivers at Henry Street corner. 

If we have such good security plans that are implemented for a VIP visitor why can’t the same be in place for citizens who are at risk on a daily basis in our country? 

Ramona Oliver