Monday, February 19, 2018

Put transport in all-inclusive package

It would appear that we have arrived at that juncture in our lives when we must admit that getting in and out of Port of Spain over the Carnival weekend calls for serious long-term planning. The mind-numbing gridlock on the roads into and out of the city cannot continue. Not purchasing a single vehicle between now and Carnival 2015 will not solve the problem. Hundreds of private cars need to be left at home if we are to retain our sanity.

Is it possible for fete promoters to include door-to-door transportation for their clients for a cover charge that is included in the price of the ticket? Instead of providing a shuttle between your parked car to the entrance to the fete, why not meet you at your front door and return you to same?

All persons living in a certain catchment area can be at their door at a reasonable pre-arranged time and a hassle-free enjoyable evening is there at your fingertips.

If only half of the feteing public agree to leave their cars at home there may be light at the end of the traffic gridlock tunnel. We may just need a few entrepreneurs to work out the logistics of becoming millionaires.

Carnival 2014 will have seen me enjoying my private all-inclusive, all-weekend cooler fete in front of my television. There will be a full bar and a delectable range of finger food.

Lynette Joseph

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