Sunday, February 25, 2018

Qualities our next prime minister should possess

 Our next prime minister, whomever that person may be, should be a person who can lead, inspire and be a beacon of hope to us all.

That person should be honest, possess clarity of thought and be in control of his or her Cabinet ministers. That person should not be a part-time fire-officer, having to put out “fires” every other Monday morning, but should instead concentrate on the nation’s business. That person should not force minuscule pay increases for unionised workers and turn around and grant himself or herself and their Cabinet members hefty increases. If the present salaries are insufficient for the PM and the Cabinet, my goodness, how are ordinary citizens expected to survive? 

The next prime minister and government should in no form or fashion appear to be plotting against its own law-abiding citizens. Innocent credit union members and insurance policyholders would have suffered much anguish after losing their life savings, only to be brutalised even further by a calculated campaign of blame against them.  

Arrogance should also disappear from the character of a sitting prime minister and Cabinet ministers. Good advice should be sought and heeded when in doubt. Placing ill-qualified persons to run ministries in which they are completely clueless should be a thing of the past. Transparency, above all, should be the personal watchwords of our next prime minister. 

Finally, the condemnation of every type of corruption, from the level of box drains at regional corporations, straight up to the billion-dollar construction under the pretence of national development, must be preached to every single government official, bar none. The culture of “passing change” for a contract must be weeded out with haste, and those who practise such with impunity must be charged.

Andy Jangeesingh

via e-mail