Friday, February 23, 2018

Questions for ‘water massa’

 It appears that it is futile to ask WASA’s distribution manager why our supply is locked off so frequently at Marcano Street in Princes Town even as I write.

Why are WASA officials so unwilling that in the 21st century where smaller countries in the Caribbean have a 24-hour supply, I must highlight this issue ad infinitum? 

Where do I live? In the mountains?  In the forest? 

Amazingly I live in the bustling town of Princes Town, on a street that is a main conduit to outlying districts as St Croix, Lengua and the neighbouring Princes Town District Hospital. 

Is water a privilege or a right, Mr Minister of the Environment and Water Resources?

It is customary now for  the “water massa” to lock off the supply at any opportunity without the commensurate will to turn it on with the same enthusiasm. Are they re-routing this precious commodity to specially chosen areas? Or am I expecting too much for water to be flowing through my tap 24-7 give or take minor hiccups here and there?

If they know the problems as they always do why not just fix it? This situation has been dragging for too long and urgent, bold measures are needed to rectify it. Not just a few but all rate-paying citizens are entitled to an efficient water supply and the courtesy of WASA informing us beforehand of problems as they develop.

Ronald  Webb

via e-mail