Friday, December 15, 2017

RBC facing up to its challenges

 Much is being said about the performance of RBC Royal Bank in T&T, but given all the troubles in our country today, I am surprised at all the fuss being made over a bank that is one of the most successful in the world.

My only concern is if my money is safe with Royal Bank and having lived in Canada for a number of years and doing my banking with them I believe that it is.

The fact that banks and other organisations are having challenges in this economy is not surprising given the state of the world economy.

I believe that RBC, like other banks and businesses, is struggling with challenges and trying to manage as best as possible and this process they are going through may be the best thing for their long-term growth. I do not see anything unusual about this. And what I don’t see or hear of is people losing their money like in some other financial institutions we know about.

I believe we will see growth from RBC given all that it is going through. In the meantime there is need right now to discuss RBC’s issues responsibly and not be alarmed that a bank, which wants to remain strong and viable, will go through difficult changes. While we are at it, it serves us no good to rile up an anti-Canadian sentiment given the fact that our country as a whole, and many of us individually, benefit from that relationship.

We pride ourselves as a rainbow nation that celebrates its diversity and any negative forms of expression towards any one group will only serve to harm us.

 Ralph Balroop

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