Thursday, January 18, 2018

Rapid Response Unit working to keep us safe

 Let’s get something straight here. In recent times, the validity of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has come under some serious fire because some Special Reserve Police (SRP) officers who were attached to the unit were involved in an incident with an ill-fated result. 

Certain authorities are saying the RRU contains officers who are not properly trained for such a calibre of unit. So they are calling for the RRU to be revamped and stopped until it comes up to speed with training that is up to the standard of the unit.

As a citizen of this nation, I do not want any particular security measure to be recalled. Right now, our country needs all the security help it can get, and especially from a measure that has proven to be very effective in providing an ultimate deterrent to criminal elements in this country. 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am seeing RRU vehicles and officers everywhere. I definitely feel a better sense of security seeing the blue and yellow vehicles, with their blue flash-

ing lights, on routine patrols. The RRU is one of the best decisions our Go­v­ernment has given us.

Earlier this week, I read in one of the daily newspapers that an officer of the North-Eastern Divi­sion of the RRU discovered a 13-year-old girl who was reported missing since last week. The young girl is safely home with her family and loved ones, thanks to our RRU. So would you still want to get rid of such a force that has proven its legitimacy?

The RRU even assisted members of my community, earlier in the year, by intervening in a domestic dispute that potentially could have taken a turn for the worse, and we all know how those things can go. Actions such as these tell me the RRU should be here to stay.

I am hoping however, the quality of the RRU does not deteriorate over time, but they improve in their capabilities, strengths and expertise. I hope they remain as a law enforcement agency and continue to be vigilant and visible as they are at present. 

Although there are those who believe they are not warranted, I beg to differ. In most modern societies, anything that can act as a crime deterrent is worth keeping for the safety and security of the country’s citizens. 

So to whomever it may concern, may it be the Ministry of National Security and/or Police Service Commission, please keep the RRU around. We need to continue making this country a safer place for all. 

Jonathan Cooper

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