Thursday, January 18, 2018

Real racial fears

Both Anand Ramlogan and Jack Warner seem clearly to be undergoing post traumatic stress disorder after that blistering and humiliating whipping the UNC got in the Tobago election.

Their comments only seem concerned with scoring points and blaming racial fear for the UNC annihilation in Tobago rather than analysing what the UNC did wrong.

If there was any racial fear it wasn't about that insensitive metonymy picong from Hilton Sandy.

Another racial fear that Jack, Anand et al should be worried about is if the Indians ever vote for the PNM as overwhelmingly as Africans voted for the People's Partnership-disguised UNC.

Finally, a racial fear they should be concerned about is how many UNC supporters are now showing that they are part-time lovers of Trinidad and Tobago as they are ready to grasp any opportunity with both hands to have nothing to do with Afro-Tobagonians.

Haydn Murray

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