Friday, January 19, 2018

Reckless statements from Marlene

PNM MP for Port of Spain South, Marlene McDonald has made reckless and irresponsible statements over the situation in Sea Lots, following the deaths of three residents on February 24.

She begins by being very critical of the police for using rubber bullets and teargas to bring the situation under control.

Those of us who saw TV coverage of the protest saw that the police tried peacefully to get residents to move off the highway but they refused and instead confronted the officers menacingly.

The use of teargas and rubber bullets is perfectly acceptable in such a scenario.

Her next point about the absence of a walkover is equally mind-boggling. The victims were reportedly killed while they were on the pavement and not while crossing the highway. How would a walkover have saved them? Why wasn't a walkover constructed when her party was in power?

And finally we have the comment about there being a lot of heat in the country. It cannot be that she was referring to anything weather-related.

One can only assume that she was speaking about political heat in the form of protests. What does a car crash have to do with the mood in the country?

This tragedy has nothing to do with politics.

William Castillo