Friday, February 23, 2018

Refined approach from PM, Rowley


good choice: Anthony Carmona

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First of all, I would like to congratulate Justice Anthony Carmona on his selection for the Government's presidential nominee. His biography says it all, and I am anxious to see what differences he can make now as the new president of Trinidad and Tobago.

What I would like to applaud is the Government's statesmanship in handling this presidential affair and, by extension, the Opposition, which succumbed on hearing the nominee.

The Opposition, like all others, are bound to scrutinise and criticise every move of a Government, and we have seen that with the PNM (People's National Movement). However, at times, we have seen accusations and a lot of petty, irrelevant issues being brought up by the Opposition, just for the sake of throwing off the population and gaining momentum.

While this is a norm for any entity wishing to gain governance, is it healthy or desirable for them to do so just for mileage? Shouldn't the nation's interest be taken first? If the latter is the main purpose, then such persons should not be entitled to hold office.

The presidential nominations have been unnecessarily twisted in all directions by the Opposition to convince the population that Government was acting to their ill faith. Talks such as the nominations being a farce or delay in the announcement being a misuse and abuse of power have proven to be futile, and it was clear to me the Opposition had no true fight. It is as if they were opposing for the sake of it. This to me was a very poor attempt to create another scandalous headline for citizens. It failed miserably on their part.

Subsequent to the meetings with the Prime Minister and Cabinet, I was elated to see the PM, her team and Dr Rowley come to an agreement without vile words and accusations. I am beyond satisfied with the way the PM maintained her composure and did not accede to the empty claims. Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar, eloquent as ever, avoided the clear trap, and for that I applaud her.

I suggest those opposite take note and refrain from their usual "wajang" behaviour.

Allan Hewitt