Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reformers should read Spence's work

It is ironic that the final Express article by Prof John Spence in his Express series on amendments to the Constitution should have appeared two days after his much-lamented death.

Whether during his long stint as a member of the Senate or as a newspaper columnist, Prof Spence was clearly always passionate in his delivery on any matter, displaying an honesty of purpose and conviction which must be respected.

Now that we are once more in a phase which seeks to address the matter of constitutional reform anew I suggest that, in his memory, those who have now been mandated to review and revise the Constitution should seek to consult the very many writings of Prof Spence not only on the issue of reform of the Constitution but also his views on reform of Local Government and the Tobago House of Assembly.

There is no need to direct attention to his pet and lifelong preoccupation—putting agriculture in a place of paramountcy in the economy of T&T and the Caribbean.

Errol OC Cupid