Sunday, February 25, 2018

Remember the other issues at hand


Mark Fraser

 Currently there is lively discussion among many citizens about the Constitution (Amendment) Bill.

And I want to remind my fellow citizens not to become distracted from other very important concerns.

1. Dengue, chikungunya, and ebola—In addition to the Government’s efforts, every citizen must do everything in their power to avoid contracting any of these diseases. We must keep our surroundings clean and not just the immediate surroundings, but the environs as well. Encourage your neighbours to do the same. Report violations on unoccupied private and public properties to the relevant authorities, and follow up aggressively to ensure prompt action is taken to remove the hazards.

2. Potable water—I do not think many of us are listening to the warnings from the Water and Sewerage Authority regarding the water levels at the dams. Three months into the rainy season and not a single dam is full! So if the rainy season continues like this, then there will be a severe shortage of drinking water when the dry season comes. Many countries are experiencing drought conditions—look at what is happening right now in Jamaica! 

So please conserve precious water and do not waste a drop of it.

3. Interruptions of service to John Public—While I fully support the workers’ rights to refuse to continue to work in environments that are unsafe and/or unhealthy, the Public Services Association (PSA) members must display some empathy to John Public.

Maybe the time is now for the rest of us to begin to treat with PSA members in like manner. Let’s demand their overdue rents; call in their defaulting loans; refuse to serve them in our restaurants; and refuse to transport them in our taxis and maxis.

4. Traffic—I cannot remember when the peak-hour morning traffic from east to west during school vacation was as heavy as it is these days despite the significant road improvements, especially at the intersection of the Churchill-Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highways.

When school re-opens next month,  the traffic congestion will get worse, and as usual we will blame the Government instead of operating our vehicles in accordance with the road traffic rules and regulations. And we will become annoyed at members of the Police Service who decide to uphold the law and charge every single errant driver.

But, what the heck—life goes on in sweet T&T!

Azard Mohammed