Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Remember Allyson with our prayers

AS death is antithetical to life, it should follow that fleshly pleasures would have no attraction for the soul. As maturity dulls our love of toys and ages our lust for life, death ends pleasures and cravings.

Allyson Hennessy had said during her lifetime: when you do not see me playing mas, know that I am dead. She knew that her love of mas could not transcend the Styx passage and that even as an ill person would refuse the best fare her Veni Mange could proffer, she would lose all taste for earthly pleasures from the start of that journey.

So while we may think that we are honouring her memory with mas and pan, her soul would have relished only the Holy Mass held in her memory. That fare that addressed the new needs of her awakened soul.

Allyson was a good person, and while she enjoyed the pleasures of our culture in moderation, she paid attention to providing for her next existence by serving humanity as best she could.

Yes, she was iconic and admirable, and we may dedicate monuments to her, but now she would better appreciate our prayers for her soul, not our gyrations to sweet pan.

She no longer has a body attuned to physical pleasures. To offer these is to beguile our baser selves.

Her life may be celebrated to inspire the young, we may even name culinary schools and broadcast academies in her honour, but to imagine that we somehow please her soul by wining to pan hardly seems rational or appropriate. May her soul receive the benefit of our prayers. Amen.

MF Rahman

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