Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rename that street ‘Ariapita Ave 2’

Iím writing this letter on behalf of my 86-year-old mother who has been living at Mary Street, Sangre Grande, for the last 63 years. Mom is lamenting the fact that it isnít easy living on Mary Street now.

These are her words: ďYou think it easy living here? There is no longer peace on Mary Street! Day and night is noise from cars zooming along the latest highway in Sangre Grande, from the honking of horns because some inconsiderate driver has double-parked in front of a residentís gate to run into a business place on the street, or from the continuous music boxes from the most recent all-day, all-night business place on the street. In the day, I canít even walk to go to the nearest grocery because Iím afraid that a car will knock me down. And there has never been a pavement, so there is no place to walk.Ē

We know all the side streets that have mushroomed around Sangre Grande do not have sidewalks. Now, with all the business places on the street, there are always cars parked on both sides of the road. Cars even park in front of my momís home even though there is a ďNo parkingĒ sign on the gate.

My mom is pleading with those in authority to make Mary Street one-way; urge all business owners on Mary Street to provide adequate off-street parking for their customers-or donít give licences to business places without parking; and construct a pavement for pedestrians.

She concludes by saying: ďIf the authorities canít help, then we should simply rename the street, Ariapita Avenue 2, Sangre Grande.Ē

Elizabeth ChewLin

via e-mail