Friday, January 19, 2018

Well said, Rolph Balgobin

 Permit me the space to say thank you for publishing the article by Independent Senator Rolph Balgobin, (“Imbalanced education leads to bad leadership”, Daily Express, April 7). It has been quite a while since I have read such a great and timely piece. There is hope yet for us in Trinidad and Tobago.

I am wondering, however, how many persons read and truly understood and appreciated this remarkable piece that analysed a major flaw in our system of socialisation.

I hope that those who did, “those trained to think critically, but without any moral or social anchor”, who would justify their arguments for personal advancement, would recognise that they are destroying our society.

Thank you Dr Balgobin. May you continue to be inspired to address the ills of our society, which is based on a flawed “socialisation system that postulates greed and self-centredness”.

Anderson Figaro

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