Thursday, December 14, 2017

Resign and then what will happen?

Why is everybody calling for resignations? You want all public officers to resign and then what? You want the People’s Partnership Government to put some incompetent party hack “eat-ah-fooder’’ on the job and do it even worse?

Gillian Lucky must resign, Ken Gordon must resign, JusticeVentour must resign. Let everybody resign and see how we get along. These people perform a public function that is very necessary in our nation. Stop the whining and let them do their job. Obviously everybody is prone to some technical slips now and then but it does not mean they must resign.

These cases have nothing in common with the verbal assault of an airline hostess or physical assault of a woman in the Grand Bazaar car park.

Miss Lucky has explained to the nation that there is nothing confidential in the Flying Squad report and it’s clear that Attorney General Anand Ramlogan is simply fanning an ember trying to make it a flame so he can scoresome points against the PNM.

“National security” has not been threatened by any stretch of the imagination and if the whole nation is muzzled and we cannot discuss any issue that may eventually become a court case without jeopardising the prosecution or defence, we have allowed the judiciary to go mad.

To hell with them—let’s all discuss what we want and let the chips fall where they will. If they continue to let such stupid technicalities influence a case then legislate to end such nonsense. The AG’s exaggeration of the seriousness of the leak is likely to lead to calls for his own resignation. Let’s stop this perpetual screaming for resignations.

Reg Potter

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