Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Respect office-holders

 It’s only in Trinidad and Toba­go that persons disrespect our office-holders daily. 

One case where it has crossed the line is the beating of two bobolees representing Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley, outside of the Parliament building, by Fuad Abu Bakr, the political leader of the New National Vision. His main view was he was disgusted at today’s politics and politicians 

in Parliament. 

What example is that for a 

politi­cal leader to display his disgust in that type of manner? Can you 

imagine Dr Keith Rowley beating a bobolee of the current Prime 

Minister? It will spark national outrage; first, for disrespecting the office of the Prime Minister and, secondly, for beating a woman. Why then is it okay for Bakr to do it with no public outcry?

Whether we believe it or not, the hurt and destruction caused by the 1990 attempted coup by the elder Abu Bakr still exists. Fuad’s 

appearance on the media only serves to create social unrest in our society since there is an automatic stereo­type associated with the 

Abu Bakr name.

Derrick Johnson

New York