Friday, February 23, 2018

Retreat and live to fight again, Wayne


ON A MISSION: Wayne Kublalsingh

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A book I read several decades ago authored by Thomas Evans, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, stated that single individuals are virtually powerless to institute change against the might of institutions.

In fact, Dr Evans went so far as to say that the institutions eventually become so powerful that they are laws unto themselves while they eventually control the very persons (politicians) responsible for their existence.

Wayne Kublalsingh must come to terms with the fact that there are times when one must retreat if the obvious is that you are going to lose the battle. Losing the battle does not mean losing the war. A good old time saying is that he who fights and runs away will live to fight another day. We all know that many battles have been won after an intelligent retreat.

Dr Kublalsingh has iterated the valid and important point for all of the nation to understand and appreciateó the value of rights and empowerment without which society will become insane; that while roads and bridges are necessarily important to our needs, that materialism will always be sub-ordinate to the spiritual and the metaphysical.

Decency, honesty, trust and confidence are just some of the pristine qualities necessary for a healthy nation. These are the considerations that Dr Kublalsingh has stood up for against the mighty and he must not be allowed to either fall or fail in his mission to promote optimum societal standards without which a nation is doomed.

Dear Wayne, you are too important a true son of the soil and you must now save your life and your talents for the future. I plead that you turn off from this road less travelled, recoup your health urgently and responsibly remove the severe pain that your family, friends and many in the nation now endure.

You have proven the point, soldier man, and you have not lost; those who do not wear rose-coloured glasses are aware of what the struggle is all aboutó but self-interest must now come first for the Phoenix to be re-born.

Peter S Moralles