Monday, December 18, 2017

Revert to ‘George V’ Park

 I would like to express my utter disappointment in the renaming of George V Park to Nelson Mandela Park.

Mayor Raymond Tim Kee had no authority and no right to do what he did. The park was named by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago back when King George was our monarch. It was not originally named by the Port of Spain City Corporation.

It represents an historical significance and should not be interfered with.

The renaming represents a disrespect to the British government and to the royal family, particularly Queen Elizabeth, whose grandfather it was named after and who is head of the Commonwealth, of which we are a part. 

One does not honour someone and then take it back. This is in fact what Mayor Tim Kee has done by taking away the name of George. Its like giving a gift and then asking for it back.

The mayor seems to be playing politics with something so important as this.

There are other places that he could have selected as suitable for Mr Mandela. It seems to be that he is trying to score cheap political points by doing it without consultation with the wider public.

This can clearly be seen by having it renamed on the eve of Emancipation.

The real reason for naming parks, buildings and alike after historical places and people is to preserve history so that we will not forget.

Are we now in danger of having the Queen’s Park Savannah and Oval renamed? Are we in danger of having Memorial Park renamed? Are we in danger of having Woodford Square and Lord Harris Square renamed?

Now that the park has been renamed, would he like if 20 years down the road we then rename Mandela Park? Would that not have defeated the purpose of naming it after him in the first place?

I am totally dissappointed with the Port of Spain City Corporation for having taken this decision by itself. Can it refer to itself as emancipated?

Mr Tim Kee needs to rethink his decision and revert to the park’s original name and stop playing cheap political games.

R Romeo

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