Saturday, December 16, 2017

Right man for this investigative job

I got some egg on my face from co-workers when I read in the Express (Friday, March 22) that fearless senior multimedia investigative journalist Mark Bassant had actually taken time off from his hot pursuit of Daryan Warner in Miami, Florida, USA, to seek

out Calder Hart, too.

I was in a fighting mood the day before asking aloud why Mr Bassant did not take the opportunity to harass Mr Hart as he did to Mr Warner. Well, I had to swallow my pride today and take the beatings from my PNM (People's National Movement) co-workers. I hope tonight, I will see the video clips of Bassant talking with Hart on TV6 News, and I also hope Mr Bassant will not return to Trinidad and

Tobago until he attempts to also contact Mr Lawrence Duprey

in Florida.

When he returns to T&T, I hope that fearless multimedia senior investigative journalist and super-sleuth newshound Bassant will also investigate why in this era of electronic banking, credit and debit cards, and Internet banking (let's not forget bank drafts and manager's cheques), a former government minister and current MP had almost half a million dollars in cash (TT and US) at his Maraval home, which was stolen by thieves when they broke into his residence earlier last week. How did they know that so much cash was there in the first place?

I won't hold my breath for this because we are talking about TV6 and the Express here, but maybe fearless journalist and seeker of truth Bassant will surprise and leave no stone uncovered to investigate this situation.

Karen Paltoo