Sunday, February 25, 2018

Robinson always a class act

 Many people use the term “class” to describe a good sportsman...for example, Sir Vivian Richards or Brian Lara. 

In public life, one won’t hesitate to say that former president Ellis Clarke definitely exhibited class. What about those of us who are mere mortals, ordinary people who don’t do great things. Can we aspire to be categorised as being class acts?

This question dominated my thoughts on the occasion of the passing of a true son of the soil, Arthur NR Robinson. I can say with pride that he was and will always be to me a hero, a man of class. I remember listening to him on the campaign trail of the general elections of 1986. The hustings is a place given over to picong and  “old talk” but Mr Robinson could not comfortably go that way. He still had to dot his I’s and cross his T’s.  His famous quote “attack with full force” is an example of a man who even under pressure exhibited class. I would have said “shoot all ah dem to  #@#!” .

I read with some dismay, the response of former prime minister Basdeo Panday on Mr Robinson’s passing and I had to shake my head. A total example of a lack of class if ever there was one. I really believe Mr Panday needs to rise above the hurt and disappointment of the now infamous 18-18  debacle because it is still eating away at him and sadly because of his angst, he missed an opportunity to exhibit true class.

Yes, I believe that ordinary men can show true class. Simply be the best in whatever you do all the time. Just like  my hero ANR Robinson did.

Gary Almarales

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