Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Robinson’s servant leadership

 Tobago has lost a distinguished son whose achievements, statesmanship and leadership will not be surpassed in this nation for decades. ANR Robinson’s achievements are too numerous to mention; he was an international statesman; he was the quintessence of “servant leadership” (Green leaf, 1971). Before I successfully concluded my MA thesis at Howard University in 1973, his textbook entitled, The Mechanics of Independence (1971), was a source of valid information to me on a sociological study relating to the Tobago West constituency.

Mr Robinson provided servant leadership to our local and national community. The magnitude of his unique contribution as ser­vant leader, politician and statesman was also regional and international in scope. His role as servant leader became a beacon among conflicting ideologies and political pressures.

He demonstrated a concern for the preservation of the democracy for the unitary state of Trinidad and Tobago during the attempted coup of 1990 with a contemptuous appeal to Defence Force personnel: “Attack with full force!”

The nation of Trinidad and Tobago is currently devoid of servant leaders. Our existing and potential leaders are now challenged to fill this void.

Ancel W Balfour