Thursday, February 22, 2018

Robinson’s legacy

There is a debate about the state of the political economy in Trinidad and Tobago. Some hold targeted views that the economy now languishes in dismay and disbelief—overlap, uncertainty, minimal job creation, minimal investments, no retirement happiness and bankrupt governance structures.

The electorate of today must recognise that the life and lifestyle which was reinforced in the past, through propaganda, was rooted in a false sense of materialism that was designed to appeal to the lowest form of humanity’s emotional appetite.

Moreover, masterfully using all available to promote the importance of the acquisition of aesthetics—theatres, high-rise buildings, luxury SUVs, boats, etc,—(the so-called ‘Vision’ which was promoted as being attainable by all) failed to deliver. These efforts amounted to massive debt and future generational burden as we are currently moving out of Port of Spain in order to efficiently and effectively distribute services and resources throughout the country.

What attracted me to ANR Robinson were not necessarily his speeches and political quips, but his observation and embracing of certain principles which he was able to articulate even when people were ignorant or too lazy to discover their own supremacy.

He too, did the right thing, because it was the right thing to do.

By searching out the power of his own inner being, which he would have brought in reality, there was nothing new under the sun. And all successful societies used common-sense principles to achieve individual and collective success. He attacked with full force.

Omardath Maharaj

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